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How to get an IT Job

This post is designed to help you get an IT job. Make sure you check out the free video course and download the resume templates that are included below! Gain In-Demand IT Skills Most of the time when employers are looking to fill a new position they are looking for...

Restarting Computers Remotely with PowerShell

PowerShell is an extremely useful tool when it comes to scripting redundant tasks or simply tackling several things at once. This week at work I needed to restart about 140 laptops on our network, and I turned to PowerShell to do it quickly! The command looks like...


Zenmap is a tool that comes installed on Kali Linux. It is a tool that can be used to do some of the recon work for an ethical hacker. Of course many ethical hackers would prefer to do this with command line instead of using a GUI. Zenmap will give you some extra...

Understanding DNS Zone Types A DNS zone is a is a collection of DNS records. A client may choose between two ways to query a DNS zone, and that is through forward lookup zones or reverse lookup zones. Forward Lookup Zones forward lookup zone converts a...

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