Zenmap is a tool that comes installed on Kali Linux. It is a tool that can be used to do some of the recon work for an ethical hacker. Of course many ethical hackers would prefer to do this with command line instead of using a GUI. Zenmap will give you some extra details that can be useful. When you are logged into Kali Linux and you go to Applications the first option is Information Gathering. Zenmap is one of the last tools listed. It is also available for Windows and looks and works the same. The GUI will look like this.

In the top left hand corner there is a place to put a target.

Here you can input an single IP or an IP range.

On the top right hand side you can select the profile of scan you would like to run.

Since I am on a virtual network I created I am going to run an “Intense Scan”. The results of the scan will give you a good deal of information.

On the left you will see the hosts that were discovered in the scan. You can click on each of the IPs in the Host list and you will see the results in the “Network Output” pane.

For each IP in the Host list you can click on the tabs find more details.

Another tab “Topology” will give a detailed map of the network you scanned. Like this one.

You look at the different tabs and test different scans to see what info is available for the hosts.



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